Flirty Party Dresses With Renee Stewart

Contemporary ballet dancer and rock-star royalty Renee Stewart dances the night away in a collection of dreamy dresses with a distinctive bohemian spirit


Full Bloom: Jump for joy in a beautiful floral dress by Kate Sylvester $579. Mi Piaci sandals $260. Picture / Guy Coombes. Read our interview with Renee.

Golden Girl: Renee throws on her own buttery leather jacket, over an elegant sequin gown by Juliette Hogan $1119. Picture / Guy Coombes. Watch Renee move.

Free Spirit: Swirling silk cut with a bohemian vibe provides ample room for dancing the night away. Miss Crabb dress $690. Mimco necklace $199. Ambra hosiery, $13, from Farmers. Picture / Guy Coombes

Summer of Love: Slip into a 70s-inspired metallic lace gown by Carlson, POA, and channel your inner disco diva. Mimco earrings $99.90. Picture / Guy Coombes

Ray of Light: The colour of happiness, a jolt of fabulous yellow will make heads turn, like this languid Kate Sylvester dress $599. Mi Piaci heels $270. Picture / Guy Coombes

Petal Pusher: What to wear at those impending outdoor events? Try this heavenly full-length dress by Ingrid Starnes complete with delicate floral embroidery $1259. Mi Piaci heels $260. Picture / Guy Coombes

The Glitteratti: Renee dazzles in a full-length and fabulous gown by Gucci, POA, with delicately embellished tulle. Gucci heels $905. Picture / Guy Coombes

Chillout Sessions: What’s more comfortable than a beautiful prairie dress by Cecile Copenhagen, $815, from Muse that you can dance and relax in with equal comfort? Mi Piaci heels $260. Mimco earrings $99.90. Picture / Guy Coombes

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