Easy Styling Tricks from the Runway

Bored with your winter wardrobe? Sometimes the simplest layering trick can transform an outfit - take your cues from the Fall 2017 runways


The Scarf Wrap | Having closely worked with Dries Van Noten over the years, London stylist Nancy Rhodes puts a twist on traditional staple pieces like a white shirt and jeans by wrapping a printed silk scarf atop. Safety pins are your best friend here, likewise a trusty coat if the weather inclines.

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The Denim cape | A.P.C was awash with ways to style classic blue denim, something that show stylist and French fashion director Suzanne Koller knows a thing or two about. Fastening the top button and wearing a denim jacket over the shoulder in the style of a cape amongst the highlights from the show.

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The Belted Stole | Au Jour Le Jour showed the power of the feather stole for Fall 2017, Paris-based stylist Audrey Taillee fastening them diagonally across tailored looks with a belt to bring texture and pizazz.

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The Wrapped Shirt | Although Celine creative director Phoebe Philo keeps her stylist tightly under wraps, this look from her Fall 2017 show is a great example of how to add extra interest to a coat – simply by tying a printed silk shirt around your waist.

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The Sweater Scarf | No scarf? No problem. Simply double knot your favourite jumper and toss it over your back – tucking a sleeve back in – as styled by Haidee Findlay-Levin at Creatures of Comfort in New York.

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The Dress and Pants | Why not try a tuxedo trouser under an evening dress for your next big event? Legendary stylist Camilla Nickerson paired the two together effortlessly at Alexander McQueen.

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