Hold The Phone: Meet The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Viva introduces us to the new must-have accessory this season


The New Beauty In Town

Beauty and technology have come together and it’s time to celebrate. This perfect duo has shown us that the finishing touch to any outfit is no longer reserved for that final piece of jewellery, or a red lippy. There’s a new accessory in town — and she looks the part. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, this seasons’ new obsession with its beautiful, impossible-to-ignore, colour-shifting exterior of Mirror Purple. This chic colourway will leave you in awe and add a touch of glam to your every-day, and if you are after a more subdued feel, then Mirror Black is your go-to for a classic option. What’s not to love?

Changing The Shape of The Future

Our days can be so fast-paced with little down time, so when it comes to fashion and accessories, we crave functionality and style. Looking our best and being on top of our tech-game has never been easier with the Galaxy Z Flip. Its Infinity Flex Display is a revolutionary design made out of Samsung’s Ultra-Thin Glass. This innovative design means that you can now have a full screen phone that folds to fit in your pocket, as well as hands-free video chats and previously impossible selfies. So, fold it, flip it or stand it to catch that glam moment on camera. Chic and practical — meet the phone that is literally changing the shape of the future.

The Future Is Calling

At one point or another, we have all reminisced over the outfits and accessories of our younger days, and so we couldn’t be happier that the flip phone is back and now more stylish than ever. The Galaxy Z Flip is unlike anything you’ve held before — with its all-new, foldable design, it is only palm size when closed, but unfolds to give a full 6.7” screen experience, allowing a truly immersive display. An ode to the past, the Galaxy Z Flip is your classic flip phone reimagined, and as we move forward in style and step in to the future, we’ll have this seasons’ must-have item in our handbags. Samsung.com/nz/galaxy-z-flip

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