Beautiful and Inspiring Looks for Spring

From Victorian frills to opulent velvets, new season fashion takes its creative lead from the world of art


An obsession with the past was part of the Victorian age, balancing old-world ideals with the future; and much like the pre-millennium era, the mix of old and new technology creates a unique meeting of past and present. Gregor Kregar’s vortex piece Prstan is made from recycled metal and glass, the paramount winner of James Wallace Art Award in 2000.

Prada gown, $4980, and boots $4720. Jennifer Laracy glass earrings (POA).

Prstan by Gregor Kregar (1999).

A liquid satin dress in pale blue showcased at the Louvre Museum in February gets the relaxed treatment at the TSB Wallace Arts Centre, Pah Homestead, languidly splayed in front of an arresting painting by Jeffrey Harris — a composite symbol of an ovum, sperm, fallopian tubes, vagina, wedding ring, safety pin — all held together in a primal elephant-like icon.

Louis Vuitton dress $5800.

From Dream #2838 by Jeffrey Harris (2003).

Fluttering tea dresses and wide brim hats evoke genteel spring days on the terrace.

Eleonara Amadei dress $399. Paris Georgia Hat $300. Jennifer Laracy earrings (POA).

Photos / Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel.

A frill-neck collar tucked under an embellished cardigan and skirt is an artful approach to dressing reminiscent of an outfit found in an Old Masters painting.

Prada cardigan $6620, skirt, $4295, and heels $2235. Maggie Marilyn blouse $540. Natalia Peri earrings $139.

Hanging light sculpture: Liquid Geometry 2 by Gregor Kregar (2010). Sculpted figures on floor: Shadow Cannot Exist Without Light by Lang Ea (2017). Painting: The Coming of Darkness — The Eagle Series 7 by Lang Ea (2014).

Makeup by M.A.C Cosmetics senior artist Kiekie Stanners.

Graham Fletcher's oil on canvas painting of a mid-century living room highlights attention to detail, the warm palette providing a compelling scene for this Renaissance-inspired look.

Ruby dress $249. Rebecca Taylor top, $650, from Muse Boutique. Jennifer Laracy earrings (POA).

Untitled (Lounge Room Tribalism) by Graham Fletcher (2009).

An illuminating light box by Jim Speers mimics the haze of a glowing sunrise and provides the perfect backdrop for a sunny lace dress with velvet bow by Mt Maunganui-based designer Rose Ackland.

Beach Knickers dress $160.

English Electric by Jim Speers (2004).

Zambesi’s fresh take on spring florals comes layered beneath an iridescent lurex fabric, propelling the traditional floral print into the future. Set against the sculptural acrylic and aluminium structure by Slovenian-born, Auckland-based artist Gregor Kregar, both outfit and artwork beautifully reflect sun beams bursting from all angles. Zambesi top, $350, and skirt $375. Prada boots $4270. Natalia Peri earrings $229.

Shelter Structure 1 and 2 by Gregor Kregar (2006).

Turn-of-the-century nautical stripes and utilitarian jackets get a modern makeover with emerging luxury brand Maggie Marilyn. The sea-blue tones contrast with Oliver Stretton’s stark white fibreglass and wood sculpture entitled Flotsam, described by the artist as representing a safe passage and potential harbourage.

Maggie Marilyn jacket, $1300, top, $610, and skirt $760, from The Shelter.

Flotsam by Oliver Stretton (2016).

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