Styling Tricks from the NZFW 2016 Runway

Clever styling tricks you can take from the Fashion Week runway to real life


Use a tasseled drape fastener as a belt. Scarlett O'Hara was onto something when she transformed an entire green velvet drape into an outfit, complete with crinoline. Tasseled drape fasteners in particular provide a hit of luxury, particularly when nonchalantly worn as a belt with a denim skirt, as seen at Wynn Hamlyn. Picture / Guy Coombes

Update vintage pearl necklaces, as seen at Salasai. Extend pearl necklaces with ribbon; dangling over a T-shirt or dress, it creates an optical illusion sure to make heads turn and is easy to throw on in a hurry. Picture / Getty

Show off some skin this summer in an oversized shirt dress or shirt, like at Miss Crabb. Artfully arranged and worn open around your décolletage, it’s a classy way to show off one of the most elegant parts of the body, and the perfect way to stay cool over the warmer months ahead. Picture / Danielle Clausen

The nostalgia of badges pinned to your favourite casual jacket will help elevate a classic look inspired by the streets, as seen at Huffer. Mix and match collector badges with your favourite pins from school, or special vintage brooches you've picked up along the way. Picture / Getty

A block of bright colour teamed with black will always stand out, as seen at Ovna Ovich. A black top half with a bright skirt or pants is a chic approach to wearing colour - try a shade you're not used to wearing. Picture / Getty

High-low, that old chestnut. Try a casual sweatshirt or top teamed with a special skirt in a brocade fabric or shimmering sequins for a fresh take on grown up, easy glamour, as seen on the runway at Hailwood. Picture / Getty

Go for the biggest sized men’s belt you can find, and cinch an oversized T-shirt at the waist, as seen at Stolen Girlfriends Club. Its laissez-faire attitude provides a whiff of rebellion that fits perfectly with fashion’s individual spirit. Picture / Getty

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