Viva's Fashion Team Road Test The Moschino [tv] H&M Collection

Spoiler alert: many statement pieces ahead


“I don’t mind wearing something with words or a logo on it so long as it had some sort of meaning or humour attached to it. I would buy and wear something like this — who doesn’t get a little nostalgic for the days of MTV when music videos were an event not to be missed? It’s super comfortable and although I never trust myself enough to wear something white, I like the freshness of it with my favourite pair of navy trousers and sneakers.” — Dan.

Moschino [tv] x H&M hooded top with embroidery $90.

"I got ‘Billy Jean’ stuck in my head as soon as I put these trousers on at work. “Not a bad thing,” said Dan. I’m inclined to agree. Gold leather pants are definitely a statement look — for everyday wear, they benefit from a classic pairing of white linen shirt, blazer and black shoes like these monk strap Dr Martens. This is also the most ‘work friendly’ look I came up with, so if you’ve been wanting to wear some metallic leather trousers to the office, now’s the time to try it!" — Rosie.

Moschino [tv] H&M gold leather trousers $349.

“This wouldn’t’ be my first pick if I went into the store but the style is based off sporty mesh t-shirts, so it’s well ventilated for a scorching hot day. The red and sequin embellishment takes a while to get used to, but again, I’d probably tuck this into a pair of navy trousers and keep it casual with some crisp sneakers.”

Moschino [tv] x H&M mesh t-shirt $129.

"Before taking this picture, I saw a photo of Bella Hadid wearing this dress and she certainly looked phenomenal in it. I’m not Bella Hadid, but I did feel kind of great in this dress — it has a pleasing way of cinching everything in when you zip it up. It's a lot more body con than I would usually wear, and as this was taken at work in order to maintain a bit of decency I layered the dress over a white blouse and dressed it down with sneakers. I’d probably add tights for real-life as I’m tall and it is don’t-bend-over short on me, but it's well-fitted and the leather feels buttery and luxurious."

Moschino [tv] H&M leather dress $399.

“Honestly, I struggled to find anything that would work with this padded satin bomber jacket so I thought maybe a pair of wide leg pleated trousers would work and my Nike Dry-fit skivvy I wore to the gym that morning. It felt like a corporate version of MC Hammer, which I actually don’t mind.”

Moschino [tv] x H&M hooded bomber jacket $219.

"Probably the easiest item to imagine incorporating into my wardrobe, this hoodie is super cool and cosy, and I love the bright slogan on the front. I paired it with a Paris Georgia slip dress in a bright tangerine colour to clash with the red, and the tiny (so tiny!) bag shaped like a mini leather jacket from the collection."

Moschino [tv] H&M grey embroidered hoodie $90, and mini bag $199.

"I know what you’re thinking — is this an edgy fashion campaign? This faux fur jacket is so extra and that’s exactly why it’s great — I wore it with jeans, a white tee and vintage boots to make it more ‘casual’ but to be honest it’s such a statement, you might as well embrace it. And yes, those are chains covering the coat."

Moschino [tv] H&M faux fur coat $299.

“I love a track pant and these are great for lazy weekend dressing whether it’s at home layered underneath a dressing gown lying on the sofa with a sandwich watching re-runs of Party of Five; but easily dressed up for a trip to the movies in the evening, maybe with a denim jacket and classic Reeboks.”

Moschino [tv] x H&M embroidered joggers $99.

"I surprised myself with how much I liked this top, as it’s definitely not in-keeping with my usual style. It has an oversized silhouette, which I cinched in with the dangly chain belt from the collection. I paired it with a vintage tartan pencil skirt, tartan's apparently having a moment according to Pandora Sykes on Manrepeller, and then high socks and sneakers to play up the sporty aspect."

Moschino [tv] H&M white basketball top $129 and logo belt $219.

“I never wear a printed trouser unless it was pinstriped or a pair of swim trunks with maybe a Hawaiian print. Maybe. Slipping my legs into this satin pair did feel strangely good, and I imagine someone like Mick Jagger or Harry Styles would feel the same. I’d wear this with a plain white t-shirt I guess with loafers or again a pair of sneakers.”

Moschino [tv] x H&M patterned trousers $129.

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