Vodafone Derby Day 2018

Dressed to the black and white nines, the royalty of racewear took to the runway at this year's Viva Prix de Fashion competition


Viva Prix de Fashion judges and MC (L-R) Crystal Kimber, Rosie Herdman, Sarah Stuart, Tracey Dalton, Selena Hawkins (MC) and Milano Imai. Picture / Supplied

Laura Campbell, Claudia Campbell, Stephanie Murray, Janelle Burnside, Belinda Green, Matt Anderson (Viva Prix de Fashion finalists and Hawaiian Airlines Menswear winner). Picture / Supplied

Sarah Stuart, Milano Imai and Rosie Herdman, Viva Prix de Fashion judges. Picture / Supplied

Contestants of the Viva Prix de Fashion. Picture / Supplied

Carena West, Ellerslie fashion ambassador. Picture / Supplied

Matt Anderson winner Hawaiian Airlines Menswear prize. Picture / Supplied

Viva Prix de Fashion finalists and fashion judges. Picture / Supplied

Winners of the Hawaiian Airlines fashion qualifier (L-R) Katie Flett, Laura Campbell, Russell Williss Carena West, Talia Marshall, June Youngman. Picture / Supplied

Claudia Campbell, Viva Prix de Fashion contestant. Picture / Supplied

Laura Campbell, winner of the Viva Prix de Fashion competition. Picture / Supplied

Matt Anderson, winner of the Hawaiian Airlines Menswear competition. Picture / Supplied

Vodafone Derby Day attendees. Picture / Supplied

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