This Easter's Tastiest Treats

Easter is around the corner, so it's time to get cracking on your stash of goodies


Stolen Chocolate Grenade Stolen Girlfriends Club has once again collaborated with Devonport Chocolates to create this custom grenade Easter egg, available in milk chocolate, white chocolate and special splatter chocolate options. $35 from Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Valrhona Families These cute chocolate friends, made in France, are available in five different characters. They're either covered with Valrhona dark chocolate and filled with a salted caramel ganache or covered with Valrhona Dulcey blond chocolate and filled with a Dulcey ganache. $16.50 for 5, from Sabato.

Painted Eggs These pretty painted eggs are available in white, dark and milk chocolate and come filled with hand-made dragees. $42, from inner-city dessert restaurant Miann. Also on offer are smaller eggs and chocolate bunnies ($15) and chocolate and traditional hot cross buns for $4 each or six for $20.

Easter Cupcake Gift Pack We love these super cute cupcakes, with a little rabbit poking out of a bed of coconut and a couple of tiny eggs included for good measure. $36 for pack of six.

Ginger Bunny Box Everyone loves gingerbread and these cute bunny biscuits with little cotton tails will put a bounce in anyone’s Easter Sunday. $18 for 18, from Amy’s Secret Kitchen.

Little Bird’s Macadamia and Salted Caramel Easter Egg Truffles Impress with your Easter giving this year, with these decadent balls of deliciousness, packed with macadamias, dates and salted caramel, and topped with raw cacao powder. $4.50 each, from Little Bird.

RECIPE: Try making these tasty Easter egg truffles yourself.

House of Chocolate Hand-Painted White Chocolate Eggs These prettily hand-painted and decorated eggs come in either white, dark or milk couverture chocolate and contain two bonbons in fun flavours such as cookies and cream, or free-dried lemon. At 12cm high and 150g in weight, there should be plenty to share around. Or not — it’s up to you. $35, from House of Chocolate.

The Caker's Hot Cross Bun Cake This Easter-inspired Hot Cross Bun Cake comes with dark chocolate chunks, candied orange, cinnamon cream cheese icing, dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut praline, Valrhona pearls and muscat grapes. It's available to order in three sizes and there is also an option to order a box of nine mini cakes. $75 to $135, from The Caker.

Ima Hot Cross Buns In the lead-up to Easter Ima Cuisine is making up to 200 freshly baked hot cross buns a day. Get your order in before Thursday so you don't miss out. $5 each.

Or try making them yourself: Hot Cross Buns Recipe from Ima Cuisine

Bennetts Sunny-Side Up For a fun take on an Easter egg go for Bennetts of Mangawhai's Sunny-Side Up eggs which resemble a poached egg and are made from white chocolate with milk chocolate yolks. $8 each.

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