Watch: Yoga to Relieve Shoulder Tension

Studio Red Yoga demonstrates how to relieve tension caused by prolong sitting

With modern lives come busy schedules and hectic agendas – and as a result, tensions that impact our lives negatively and cause stress, physical symptoms and life imbalances. Experiencing tension headaches, have a weak core and tight shoulders? You’re not alone...

Because modern bodies need an intelligent, contemporary solution to first-world ailments, new hot yoga studio Studio Red Yoga teaches yoga as a holistic approach to solving not only physical ailments, but also the mental stresses and burdens we carry each day.

The teachers at Studio Red live and breathe their craft, and are passionate about helping anyone and everyone address the unnecessary burden of dysfunctional and painful bodies, as well as the negative mental impacts. Yoga is the very best solution to the ailments we all face from our fast-paced lives and repetitive physical patterns.

So just as we’re all getting back into the swing of things, Studio Red Yoga is sharing with us four sequences designed to tackle the most common problems modern day people experience – this week's episode focuses on relieving headaches caused by tension in the neck and shoulders.

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