Watch Nom*D's Definitive 'Red' Show at NZFW 2002

There was salt on the runway and models with a punk attitude — revisit Nom*D's famous show

Held at York St Studios and called 'Red', Nom*D's show at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2002 helped define what people think of when you say "Nom*D".

"I can tell you that when the lights came on and the runway in York St Studios was revealed as a glaring white blanket of fallen snow — tonnes of rock salt dopplegangering for icy drifts beneath the model’s feet — you felt as if you were witnessing something epic," recalled Stacy Gregg, writing about the brand's 30th birthday last year.

"The collection in hindsight, proved to be the ultimate coalescence of the two themes that were to become the consistent cornerstones of Nom*D: the Russian-Ukrainian heritage of designer Margarita Roberston on the one hand, and on the other, her ongoing devotion to the gothic deep south mood of her hometown, Dunedin."

The brand later referenced the show in 2007, with a retrospective celebrating 21 years featuring a runway covered in salt and those famous painted shearling skin coats.

• In the build-up to New Zealand Fashion Week, we’re celebrating those key moments when the clothes, music, models, styling, mood and more came together to create something people are still talking about. Come back each Thursday morning throughout August to revisit and watch a key NZFW show.


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