Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW Hair How-to

Redken hairstylist Richard Kavanagh shares tips to recreate the look at home

With a collection inspired by Kurt Cobain's personal diaries, the hair at Stolen Girlfriends Club's NZ Fashion Week show drew from "underground youth culture and emerging desire".

Redken hairstylist Richard Kavanagh was behind the look, explaining that it was all about very lived in texture, "almost as if she slept in it and has flipped it off her face and tucked it loosely behind her ears to keep it out of her face.

"Getting the texture right is key for this look, and we layered multiple products to achieve just the right amount of grittiness and flexibility.

Go backstage at the show, and try Richard's tips to recreate the style at home:

1. Start with dry hair, blast the roots and mid-lengths with Redken's 'Pillow Proof Two Day Extender'. Generously mist 'Fashion Waves 07' from roots to ends over the whole head and blast dry with a hot hairdryer using your fingers to create a lived in bend.

2. Take a curling wand and gently create a bend in the mid-lengths by wrapping hair around the wand and allowing it to twist leaving the ends straight.

3. Sprinkle Redken's 'Powder Grip 03' through the mid-lengths, arrange the hair to keep it off the face and tuck behind the ears before finishing with 'Triple Take 32' for hold.

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