The sleek and simple outpost is located in the Fearon Hay building on Faraday St. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

Celebrated Pt Chev Bakery Daily Bread Has Opened In Parnell

You can now get your favourite sourdough bread, pastries and sweets in this new Parnell outpost

If you’re a Daily Bread disciple, you may have heard the good news: the celebrated Point Chevalier bakery and deli has opened a pick-up store in Parnell. Here you can find their signature sourdough bread, pastries, filled baguettes, and a rotation of sweets and specials that sit alongside jars of pickled eggs and sauerkraut, larder staples such as organic avocados and eggs, and Orphans Kitchen’s Marmite and butter. Filter coffee is available to take away too. 

Daily Bread wants to educate people about the nutrients of good sourdough. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

Located in the Fearon Hay building on Faraday St, the sleek store is only temporary with plans to move permanently into the neighbourhood after “testing the waters” over the next year, says co-owner Tom Hishon.  

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The team (which also includes Orphans Kitchen’s Josh Helm and head baker Patrick Welzenbach) is looking to support the Pt Chev baking facilities and has plans to transport its goods to even more Daily Bread outposts in the future. Hishon hints lucky Shore-siders are likely to be next in line.

“We don’t want to wholesale our bread. We want to provide for families,” he says. “To do that we need to have a few satellite stores around the city.”

Theres also sauerkraut, larder staples and filter coffee available too. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

The original Daily Bread opened in January this year, with an aim to make and value quality sourdough using only age-old techniques and an impressive 600-year-old starter. “Over the years people have looked at gluten as a bad thing for your body,” says Hishon. “We’re strongly trying to educate about the nutrients of good sourdough.”

The venture has also been an effort to champion homegrown ingredients, he says. “New Zealand wheat is a dying thing unfortunately. There’s not a lot of local farmers out there who are growing grains and 90-95 per cent of wheat that’s consumed is imported. We’re really trying to help change that.”

Signatures include a kumara sourdough loaf, espresso sourdough croissants and sugared cardamom buns — a crowd hit. “We couldn’t have asked for a better start to things. It’s been amazing,” says Hishon.

Signatures include a kumara sourdough loaf, espresso sourdough croissants and sugared cardamom buns. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

“It shows the demand for good organic sourdough bread. It’s awesome seeing people come back time and time again for the same loaf. I’ve also enjoyed seeing a wider range of customers. With restaurants like Orphans, we only have a certain demographic. The cool thing about Daily Bread is that it’s for everyone.”

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• Daily Bread in Parnell is open Monday to Sunday, 8am-2pm, 15 Faraday St.

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