Hazel Wells, Isla Treadwell and Miles Harty of Crumb cafe in Grey Lynn. Photo / Babiche Martens

Meet The Crew From Crumb, Grey Lynn's Charming Dog-Friendly Cafe

This cute corner spot has carved out a reputation as the perfect pet-friendly pit stop. Pupperchino, anyone?

Crumb cafe in Grey Lynn is a place where both you and your dog can hang out for coffee. The corner spot was reopened by new owners Miles Harty, Hazel Wells and Isla Treadwell in November and serves ‘pupperchinos’ (a lactose-free fluffy for dogs), and bone broth ‘pupsicles’.

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Humans can enjoy vegan treats from Tart Bakery, doughnuts from Doe Donuts and Flight coffee (with nut milk available), as well as a more substantial menu of Midnight Baker toasts (sweet and savoury), and seasonal specials like porridge during winter. Streetside there are beanbags for you and your pooch to lap up the sun #dogsofcrumb.

The cafe is also run as a creative space to showcase local art and to sell prints and clothing.

• Find Crumb at 37 Ariki St, Grey Lynn

How many dogs do you each have? Hazel: Isla and I have four dogs. Bowie, a rescue border collie; Mercury, a hunt-away mix; Luna, a griffon; and Sid, a dachshund/griffon/otter/penguin. Bean (Crumb’s unofficial mascot, check out @just_bean_) is currently on an extended holiday in an undisclosed location. The limelight and fame became too much for him so he’s taking time to recuperate but still likes to make guest appearances every now and then.

A life without dogs or animals would be... Awful but probably smell better.

Your favourite dog walk in Auckland? The Oakley Creek walkway in Waterview. It has lots of great waterholes for leaping into (for Bowie of course) and a nice safe pathway for more reserved dogs (Luna). It’s bloody great.

Favourite place for a cocktail? Xoong in Mt Eden. Isla’s brother designs and makes the cocktails there — they’re innovative and delicious.

Best vegetarian eats in the city? Peach Pit. The mapo tofu is the bomb with a glass of Silver Wing pet-nat rosé.

Ideal place for a Tinder date? Freaky Cafe in the city centre. Our mates Logan and Diva have killer coffee, kai and chat if your date doesn’t.

What is your go-to takeaway? Burger Burger every time. Plus, it’s owned by badass business woman Mimi Gilmour.

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